End of 2014

2014 has gone, I am now 28 and boy do I feel old! I’ve literally got 2 years before the big 30!(How did I get here?) The list of things to do before then is endless but as I have come to realize, you can plan all you want but ultimately if it’s not in line with God’s plan for your life, it won’t happen. So I have decided to leave it in his hands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to make plans but I will continuously pray about them first and hope they are in line with the Big man upstairs. So as I look back at the year that has been and given 2015 is only a few hours away, I had an amazing 2014! The year of growth. I learned that I should believe in myself more, go for what I want and that wisdom definitely comes with age. The ups and downs have taught me so much but I’d be typing all day if I had to give you all of them so here are my top five lessons of this year:

1. Trust God

As the song goes, “Where would I be, if not for your grace, carrying me in every season”(You can listen to the song below) Oh how true those words are! If there’s anything I have learned in my walk of life, it’s to trust God in EVERYTHING! He knows what he’s doing. He’s got you! This year he has been ever present in my life and I cannot thank Him enough.

2. “What the mind can conceive and believe,it can achieve”-Napoleon Hill

This was by far my most memorable and enjoyable moment of 2014. Who would have thought that little old me would get an opportunity to be trained at the Royal Academy of Music on their Vocal workout weekend. I applied and somehow got in! I mean this is one of the best music academies in the world! I got to learn so much in such a short period of time,met people from different backgrounds and it inspired me to do so much more which I intend to do. Watch this space! The musical genius inside me is yet to be unleashed. On a serious note,if you want to do something,just do it.Whether you are scared or petrified or just lazy,the rewards of putting your energy into something you are passionate about are priceless. This will be one of my motto’s this year,JUST DO IT!

3. Accept change,it’s part of life!

Change is a concept that as humans we don’t comprehend at times but yet change is the one thing you are guaranteed in life. Change is a sign of where you are going! When you experience change, something in you is about to be stirred and you are moving into a new position. Change is part of your life experience. I have experienced a lot of changes over the last 3 years and I can honestly say it’s only now I’ve realized why I had to go through what I went through. Both good and bad experiences have lead me to where I am today and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m eternally grateful for the friends I’ve gained and those I’ve lost. People will come in and out of your life when it’s their turn to leave their footprints or vice versa. It may hurt when people leave but it’s more or less God’s way of saying their time is up in your story. If it’s a new friendship,it means their time has just begun hence we should all be grateful for the handful of friends that we already have. I say handful because if you were to count the number of people who would ride for you no matter what,as you get older,I guarantee you they will only be a handful.

4. Life is beautiful

For a long time I think I have waited for life to happen. Circumstances would throw me off course and I’d find myself in a cycle of depression.One minute you’re happy the next you are withdrawn from everyone and everything.This year I learnt that I have the power over my life. I could either get control of my life or let it keep sweeping me off during the rough times. I recently went for an old friends funeral and as sad as it was I couldn’t help but realise that all everyone talked about was how my friend had so much life. He enjoyed his 28 years of life the way he knew how and I came to realise life is what you make it. Regardless of what is thrown your way. God never puts you in situations he knows you can’t handle. So from now on I plan to dust my shoulders off and remind myself that not only is life beautiful,it is also very short. So make the most of it! DSC_0759 5. “If you fail to plan,you are planning to fail”-Benjamin Franklin

Lastly,I have learnt the importance of planning. I am great at making plans,sticking to them is the issue but the funny thing is the plans I have stuck to worked out great. That should have been a lesson already but I am also a procrastinator,so not sure how this is going to work.However I have made a vow to myself that all I plan to accomplish this year I will do so in Jesus name! I wish you all success and favour in the coming year! Remember you have power over your life,grab it and keep it moving! Happy New year everyone. God bless xx

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