How to organize and store your makeup

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Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter weekend cause I know I sure did lol.. Jokes aside, I hope you all had a blessed time with your friends and family.

I finally did one of the many important things on my to do list that I’ve been putting on the back burner for so long! I finally organized my makeup collection… OMG! To be honest, I don’t have that much of a collection but now that it is organized it feels great to know that I can access everything much easier and much quicker. You know when you have that important date or meeting to get to and your make up is all over the place? I have finally resolved that problem and hopefully if you are have the same issues as me, this post can give you a bit of inspiration.

Firstly, I had to think of where I could keep all my make up in a central place. This is to avoid running all over the place in case I’m running late. I also had to think of where I do my makeup most of the time which is usually my bathroom due to lighting, so my storage had to somehow be easily mobile. With all this in mind I remembered seeing a trolley in IKEA and one of my favourite bloggers ,Shirley B.Eniang used it for her makeup storage. I therefore introduce, Kiriish’s makeup on wheels!

I absolutely love this trolley as it has made my getting ready life so much easier for two main reasons. I can move it to any part of the room if needed and I can find everything I need so much quicker as you can clearly see where its kept. Putting on makeup has never been easier. You can get the trolley from IKEA at a reasonable price of £29. In order to make the trolley functional, I also got acrylic storage from ebay but you can find them on Amazon and pretty much everywhere.

The trolley has four shelves so I organized it based on the size of the products that I have as well the storage boxes. On the top shelf, I have one of the smaller acrylic clear drawer boxes and in it I’ve put my collection of lip glosses, stick lip balms and small compact eye shadows. I also put little bits and bobs that I find handy e.g hairgrips, compact mirror, tissue and eye shadow buds.

The second shelf has my foundations, which I keep in a really cool tin box i got from H&M home for £7.99. I’ve also got my eye shadow palettes, face wipes, all pencil products e.g liners etc and my lip balm collection (slight obsession as I have so many)

The third shelf, has the biggest clear acrylic storage box which has all my eye shadows, face powders, lipsticks and moisturizers.

Last but not least, the bottom shelf has all my makeup brushes, foundation blending sponges and a tin from Clinique that has more bits and bobs such as cotton buds, face masks, lashes, hand lotion, small scissors and nail clippers that all come in handy when I’m doing my makeup.

That’s it from me folks. I hope I have somewhat helped you figure out how to sort out your makeup collection. If you have more than me you could always change it up according to your needs. That’s why I love this trolley and totally recommend getting it. You can pretty much arrange stuff how you want.

Happy new week everyone and may you be blessed. Thanks for stopping by!

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