Jumper time!

Man oh man, the British Isles are officially FREE-ZING!!

It is definitely that time of the year when it’s that much harder to get out of bed. We are now experiencing dark mornings, 3 hours of sunlight, fog, icy roads, grumpy commuters (including myself), train delays leaving you on a platform for centuries while your whole body starts freezing like you are on Mount Everest! The list of everything annoying about winter is endless and I’d be here all day and we all know that “ain’t nobody gat time for dat!!” I really wish I was a hibernating mammal like a squirrel and basically live under my duvet all day for the next few months. Aaaah…..being under my duvet seems like the best place to be right now but no… I have to go to work, earn my keep and live life! I really hate winter, I mean reaaalllly..Anyway back to my point of this post,  it is time to get your jumpers out if you haven’t done so already.

This year, or should I say in the last two weeks, I’ve gotten my winter stuff out from storage and to be quite honest I hadn’t realised how prepared I actually was for winter. I have so many jumpers, knits, coats and boots that I had completely forgotten about. I have thus decided to go on a shopping detox i.e, I’m not buying anything new atleast for the next two months because I don’t need to. I’ve got everything I need and let’s face it, after christmas and sale shopping, I’m broke anyway so I encourage you to join me in saving!! Yay! I also encourage you to recycle and discover different outfit combinations that will leave you feeling like you have got a new wardrobe like I did for this post.

I wore a simple black maxi dress and added a crop jumper to add a bit of flare. I honestly didn’t plan this as I was taking several shots with my photographer pal craftiestestduck and it was such a weird day as it went from hot to cold then hot again all day. I wasn’t quite sure what to wear so I picked whatever was on my bed and we dashed off. Turns out it worked and I now know how to jazz up my plain maxi dresses. My first look is with a very heavy crop knit jumper which I normally wear with a pair of jeans but I loved this pairing and will be rocking it again soon. I do advise that if you are going to wear a maxi dress in this weather wear some leggings underneath and put on some knee length boots. Stay warm people, stay warm!



For the second look, I wore a lighter colourful crop jumper with the same maxi dress and I must say I felt instantly fabulous! I love how this particular jumper just sits on the dress and almost feels like part of it. At this point it got warmer so I could actually pull the look off amongst the autumn burnt orange colours of the woods. Pair any black item with colour and you instantly change your whole look. I wore minimal jewellery for both of these looks and I know I could have definately jazzed it up more but I went for a fairly simple everyday look. I hope I have given you guys some inspiration for how to work that maxi dress you thought you had no use of anymore or even crop tops as they are super tricky to wear especially if you have problem areas like me!

Outfit details

Maxi dress – Matalan (old) Similar here

First look jumper – H&M(out of stock)

Second look jumper – AX Paris(out of stock)

Watch – Michael Kors

Red Lip – Nouba Millebaci No.46

Hope you all have a beautiful rest of week!

Photography by the amazing Craftiestduck 🙂



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