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It’s my birthday!! Woop woop! May I just take a moment to take in the fact that I’m only going to be a twenty something old for 12 more months then that’s it! Welcome the big 30! I mean I remember being 18 like it was yesterday. Sometimes I think I still act like I’m 18. Since I turned 25, years ago, the years have literally just flown by! I mean.. Seriously.. Where has time gone?I can’t help but wonder what have I done with my life since I was old enough to make decisions?

With that said, this year has been a different one for me as I always tend to reflect on my birthday or at the end of the year like everyone else. This year I have done it continuously so today feels like any other day in that sense but it’s the one day of the year I get to celebrate the amazing life that I have been blessed with and feel like beyonce lol.

I can honestly say I have had an amazing year and not because of achieving anything tangible like a house or new car. Nothing like that, infact I’m nowhere near all that but this year God has blessed me with wisdom and knowledge. I never quite understood why king Solomon from the bible asked God for wisdom. Of all the things he could have asked for, not to ever be poor or not to struggle in life, he asked for wisdom. This year it has become clear to me why. Wisdom or knowledge is power! If you know how to do A/B you will never go hungry or be poor because you will know how to use A/B. You will not struggle because you will understand why C/D is happening based on what you know from A/B. It really is that simple. Life is just one big classroom and we are all students. We won’t always get it right but as long as you are willing to learn, work hard and develop yourself in every way possible, you will be operating in your purpose and on your way to greatness.

If you read my blog, I recently shared my experience of the landmark forum and what I got out of it. Ever since, I have been like a sponge just taking it all in. I almost can now try and understand how King Solomon felt when God gave him the wisdom that he asked for. For those who don’t know, the book of proverbs in the bible was written by this great man and if you read it you can clearly see he had an overload of information about all and everything. It’s such a profound but jumbled up book. There are golden nuggets everywhere but not in any sequential order! It’s like light bulbs were just going off and he had to write it all down before he lost his trail of thought. That’s how I feel at the minute.
There is so much I’m not only learning about myself but about life that have literally shifted all there is about me. I have made decisions in the past 4 months that I probably wouldn’t have this time last year or even earlier before. I can only try to explain why I feel I have gained the greatest gift this year and that is the knowing that I am okay as I am.

Nothing is wrong with me. I am fearfully and wonderful made. My ups and downs are part of my journey. That is really what life is. There is no right or wrong. I may not be where I foresee myself being but you best believe even if I don’t I will die trying. You get out of life what you put in. Simples!

Believe that you are enough and that you have been given all that you need to get you to where you want to go!
I hope I have encouraged someone today and look out for another post about what I’ve learnt in my late twenties! I wanted to put it all here then I realized it would be such a long post and ain’t nobody got time for dat!
Happy birthday to all my fellow December babies! We be the best!

Love to you and yours.

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Biker jacket – Topshop

Maxi dress – Matalan

Shoes – Zara

Photography by Craftiestduck 😊

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