Crazy About Khaki!

Happy Friday lovely people.

Hope you have all had a productive week. I am absolutely shattered as I write this but nevertheless still buzzing and excited about being alive. I have learnt to be grateful in everything. Even when things suck! A grateful heart is a happy heart. Try it out. Being thankful about small things that we overlook can change your whole outlook. Try it over the next few days and if it doesn’t work, let me know 🙂

I had absolutely no intention of doing a fashion post this week. None at all! That was until my lovely photographer friend Miss Patiecakes (yet to launch her website) sent me some photos we took a while back while we were at a friends wedding. Needless to say, as soon as I reveled at her work I thought, yaaaaaas!! Definitely going up on the blog today!



Just to let you know, I have a weird obsession with anything Khaki. With purple being top of the leader board of my favourite colours, Khaki is a close number two especially in the winter. It’s just like the best ever! I love how it fits in with just how grey winter is and especially if you wear any type of dark lipstick with khaki,its like the heavens sing! Match made in heaven. Now this outfit wasn’t planned, at all! I have a few question marks about it myself, incase you were wondering but I thought, hey, I’ll just share it. We all have had those weekend trips where you didn’t think about what you were going to wear the next day. In fact, you probably did think about it, packed what you planned in your head, put it on and then thought..”I look crazy!..oh well.” This was one of those days. I hope this doesn’t only happen to Oversize cozy knits are the way to go during winter and I absolutely love this one and can you believe it was only a tenner(£10 that is). The price has slightly gone up since I got it but it’s still available.




I also changed my hair a few weeks back to ombre. Thought I’d try out a new look for once than my usual black hair. I do love how this hairstyle goes with this look! Very different even for me but I know I’m going to change it soon as I don’t do different very well.

Outfit deets

Khaki Jumper – Boohoo

Jeans – Asos (similar)

Black bodysuit – Asos (out of stock)

Ankle Boots – Newlook (old pair)




Wishing you all the bestest weekend and remember, be grateful!

Love always


Photography credit:Patreese Erskine

Location: Orchardleigh House, Bath, England

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