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So I thought I’d do a quick post seeing as its been a while…

I wanted to share what my everyday casual i.e my errand/chilling/run around sort of look is and what I tend to go for. Hopefully also give you an idea of how to pick an outfit that allows you to go from one activity to another without much thought or worry of looking like a drag! We have all been there.You pop out for some food only for your friend to ask you to meet him/her in 20 minutes and you look like you just woke up and you have no time to go home, so you spend the entire time worrying about whether you look like your breath stinks or wondering why your friend is side eyeing you the whole time .Here is how to avoid that!

First, comfort is the number one thing to consider on such days. On this particular day I had to go get my hair done and then meet up with my friends at  Kenyafest held sometime back in September (check out their website to see what they are all about). Jeans are a staple for most of my casual looks and in my opinion very comfortable especially when paired with a t shirt. My feet also had to be comfortable hence my Fred Perry’s. I cannot explain how much I love these shoes!It’s like walking around in slippers. They are just as comfortable as my Toms.


Outfit details

Jean jacket- Mango (currently not in stock,similar one here)

T shirt – Zara(again not in stock..sorry 🙁 )

Jeans – Topshop /(Previous posts)

Shoes – Fred Perry (most similar ones)

Bag – Longchamp

Glasses – Chanel(ya’ll don’t need to know the price)

Watch – Fossil

Second thing to consider is whether you are just going to one or several places and what you will actually be doing. If you are not just popping to the shops for milk girls, you have to stay fabulous. The key thing to do is accessorize! I first did this by adding a jean jacket. Not much accessorizing you might say but I think it is as it added a bit of edge to my outfit, I was bang on trend and very warm! I personally never liked jean on jean looks but I have slowly warmed up to the idea. Another thing to consider is where you are going. I was going to be walking around all day and hanging out in a park so apart from my feet being comfortable, my bag had to be easy to carry around so my long champ tote was the perfect addition. You can throw so much stuff in there and still look fab. Then lastly, jewellery. I kept it low key by just focusing on arm candy and loop earrings.


Sometimes keeping it fairly simple is the best solution.

Hope you all have a blessed rest of the week and happy hump day!

Love always


It's always good to share

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