Winter Edition 4 – Cocoon Coat

I finally get to share with you my final look for my winter edition series just as spring sets in and I cannot explain to you the joy I feel when I see the sun shining and more so when I can actually feel the warmth of it on my skin. Now I know some of y’all will probably be thinking ‘What do you mean feel the warmth? I mean doesn’t seeing the sun constitute to feeling its warmth?…’ Erm….Not quite, not where England is concerned. If you live in this here part of the world then you know exactly what I mean. The sun is like a diamond to us. Very rare. So when we even get a glimpse of it we rejoice like there’s no tomorrow. Feeling it’s warmth is like adding chocolate sprinkles and caramel to a two scoop vanilla ice cream cone on a very sunny day! You get the picture…..It’s pure bliss! With that said I look forward to the sunny days ahead and share with you my last coat for this series which is the cocoon coat.

This style graced most catwalks in the recent Autumn/Winter 2015 London Fashion Week including Victoria Beckham’s show about 2 weeks ago.Vogue listed it as one of the top 20 trends for autumn/winter 2014-15 so I’m definitely not going wrong with this one. I fell in love with this coat the minute I saw it and also when I saw the price tag which was £44.99 (slashed from £89.98). I got it during the half price sale that Mango had earlier this year.(That’s right…Half price sale! I was in heaven). This is by far my favourite coat this season. I thought being short and all that it wouldn’t suit me but the minute I put it on….aaah! It was or rather is like getting a massive hug from a big bear. It’s the most comfortable coat I have ever worn mainly because it’s not figure hugging so I’m more relaxed in it and it conceals everything,that is, from the sins of my body to if I’m wearing a hideous ‘inappropriate’ outfit that deserves to be concealed all the while still flattering to my shape. Sadly, this coat was sold out within a week but Asos have an array of them so check them out!

The other thing to note and what is most important when choosing a coat is whether or not it is warm enough. This lovely creation is very warm and not a lot of layering is needed. I advise wearing a thick enough jumper and that is enough. My outfit is exactly the same as my last five posts, the only new addition was my leopard print cross body bag from New Look that I got last summer for about £6. They definitely don’t have this anymore but you may be able to get a similar one here.


With that said that is the end of my Winter Edition so please do let me know what you think. All comments, good or bad are welcome 🙂 I wish you all a lovely and blessed weekend..Thank God it’s Friday!

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