Winter Edition 2 – Shearling

I find it funny how sheepskin is so in right now. You can get sheepskin rugs (bloggers favourite especially the white one), shoes, gloves, pretty much anything now. I was never a fan of sheepskin because once upon a time, a very long time, my father bought a sheepskin rug. This was when I was living in Nairobi. At first I thought, what the heck is that smell! Only to realize we had a new rug that had come straight from the sheep! No processing, no bleaching, just as it was on the sheep. I’m feeling some type of way right now just remembering the mental torture..I mean poor animal, not only was it slaughtered for meat, someone then decided to sell its skin as a rug without processing it and then my father bought it! May thy sheep rest in eternal peace.

For the life of me, I still don’t understand why my father didn’t get the bloody rug cured or whatever it is they do to ensure the smell was completely gone before bringing it home.  To make matters worse he refused to remove the bloody thing so we were stuck with this horrid smell for months. Needless to say my mum did try to wash it, probably ruining it in the process but she didn’t care and neither did I. This experience made me hate anything associated with animals skin or fur. That is until, UGGs came along (obviously) and most recently, shearling coats.

Shearling coats have been around for a very long time but they became one of this winters staple coats since they graced last years autumn/winter fashion week catwalks. Ciara, Halle Berry and even Jay-Z have been spotted in one so be assured this is a fashion forward investment but with the added benefit of keeping you very warm. I got mine from Missguided for £49.99.

This coat is definitely for those super cold, casual days. I am in love with it even though it makes me look slightly chubbs. But as it’s for the wintery days, I’m not so bothered and I doubt anyone will care. Layering isn’t needed with this coat otherwise you’ll end up creating a boiler suit. I decided to add my fedora hat (staple accessory this winter) which I got from Asos. In fact I am wearing the exact outfit i.e top and jeans as my last two previous posts so please check them out here to see where I got them from. The only item I did change was my cross body bag which completes this casual,biker looking outfit. I got it from TKmaxx a couple years back and I’m still rocking my Zara boots.


These coats are bang on trend this winter so go grab yourself one people just in time for the next big freeze as I just heard on the news.Booooooo!

Hope you all have a warm and productive week!

God bless.





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