Thy Red Boots

This post would have been great if I had done it on Saturday seeing as it was Valentine’s Day but I decided not to hop on that band wagon. These boots deserve to be praised without it being a national holiday even though they would have fitted in perfectly with the red theme. In any case, I was too busy living than trying to post about my new babies. I say this because I realised I spend way too much time on my phone either posting a picture, taking one, scrolling through instagram, pinterest. I digress. I will talk about my technology addiction later on.

Now, about these thigh high boots that I got from Topshop (which are sadly sold out) as they had or rather, still have an amazing autumn/winter sale and I happened to come across these bad boys for as little as £60 (with a further discount to £54). I say little because the original price was £125! I can only scream….BARGAIN!!

A few of my friends and I were eyeing up thigh high boots a few months back and they managed to get theirs from Aldo and Topshop in grey and black respectively which I absolutely love. Sadly Aldo sold out the grey ones but, luckily, Topshop still have the black ones in stock. If you snooze you loose! At first I wasn’t sure as these boots require a woman who has bags of confidence as one can easily go from high fashion to trashy. I mean if you Google thigh high boots, Kim Kardashian pops up as well women in ghastly kinky plastic looking boots that are just plain tacky.

 In saying that,my babies are definitely classics and it was love at first sight. They fit like a glove and are super comfortable. They keep me warm and the heels are just the right size to walk around in (for some distances) without panting.

The material is suede therefore it can fit all different calf sizes. I read some reviews as some people said that they kept falling off so they had to return them. If you have massive calves like me, this will not be a problem as they help the boots stay in place (Advantages of being on the curvy side).


I came across a picture of Cara Santana that cemented my decision even more. She looks adorable in them and gave me another outfit idea 🙂 ( I have noted that her boots are way better than mine. Oh well!)

My advice for the day, get yourself a pair of thigh high boots,be they black, grey or whatever colour. You won’t regret it. I’m so in love with these boots and would love to wear them everyday but as they are such a statement pair, I can’t. I will however try different looks with them so stay tuned.

Stay blessed beautiful people.



Photo credit: Timothy Simon



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