Winter Edition-Part 1

The temperature in the British Isles has drastically gone down lately and on this particular day, it was about 2 degrees but it felt like -10 or lower! My fingers are constantly frozen and I fear they might fall off if I dare to walk out without gloves on. We were actually having a pleasant winter about 4 weeks ago *insert shmuda shomoney dance* and Sod’s law once the weather forecaster said that, it all went pear shaped. Since the weather worsened, so did my pockets. I needed to invest in both a fashionable and functional coat as I didn’t have any to carry forward from last year.

Notice the choice of words, a coat, not 2 or 3, but 1. For those closest to me, it would come as no surprise that I ended up with 6! ( hides face) but I can assure you they all have a purpose in mind. I think.In my winter edition, I’m only going to show you guys four. I will share the other two with you guys later on at some point as they aren’t for this kind of cold! They are more for that transition period just before spring. Lord please bless us with spring soon 😊


With that said,my first coat is the obvious black staple winter coat that everyone should have or already own. I got it from Oasis before Christmas and they seem to have sold out. This is now my everyday coat! I wear this to work, church,the shops,everywhere! I love it so much I’m beginning to hate it! I know someone will understand what I’m saying. As gorgeous as it is, the more I wear it the more it annoys me just like anything else you buy and keep using a lot, soon enough the novelty wears off. In saying that, it’s keeping me warm and fits with everything so I can’t complain.

W.E 1

This coat is all kinds of fabulous! I love the fact that you can tie round your waist, it’s oh so warm and not too long or too short. I love the lapels as they give me the Olivia Pope look and which girl doesn’t envy Olivia’s wardrobe.

Outfit deets

Polo neckMango

Jeans- Topshop Joni high waisted jeans see also on my previous post

Boots-Zara from last year

Fedora hat-Asos

Red Lip- MAC Ruby Woo





Hope you all keep warm and have a blessed week. As usual, I leave you with my clown face 🙂




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