December is here!!

So yesterday I had the privilege of witnessing one of my closest friends tie the knot with her beloved! It was absolutely amazing and I am genuinely surprised I didn’t shed a few tears. I tried very hard not to and for once it worked. It was amazing to see them both so in love and happy to have finally made the step to becoming man and wife.I pray that God continues blessing their lives together. Here is one of the photos I took of them in their traditional gear looking absolutely gorgeous 🙂

DSC_0577Meanwhile I had to wear a dress made of Ankara fabric and I accessorized it with rose gold everything. Well except for the clutch which is gold but they matched so hey!I absolutely love rose gold and I’m surprised everyone is just jumping on that wagon

DSC_0476The rose gold heels I got for a bargain from Dorothy Perkins earlier this year on sale.Everyone who knows me knows I love a good bargain.I got these bad boys for £17.50.They are not only gorgeous but uber comfy so I’d recommend checking if they still have them. The statement necklace and earrings were from H&M as of Friday so I’m pretty sure they still have them in stock.The clutch, which I am absolutely in love with I got from TKMaxx for £16.99 which is also definitely a bargain!I’m also wearing my Michael Kors rose gold watch which I bought years ago.I just forgot to put it in the shot. My hair seemed to have had a life of it’s own yesterday(don’t you just hate that!) but I had to make it work. This was me trying to have a 50’s sort of Marilyn Monroe thing going on.

This is probably not the best picture but its the only one I got showing my whole outfit. Let me know what you think.

On top of weddings, Christmas parties, parties in general, it is also my birthday month! This is why I love December so much! It’s just my month! I’m not planning anything crazy as I’m not that way inclined but I’m so grateful for the wonderful year God has blessed me with. I wish all you sag babies out there a happy birthday and turn up!

Hope you all have a lovely and blessed week!



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