Winter is coming

Hey guys, So this is officially my first post on my blog!! 🙂  I’ve been struggling about what my first post should be about and I have been adding and crossing off topic ideas on my notepad to the point where I thought, just write! So, here I am, writing 🙂 The most obvious thing on everyone’s mind at the minute is the drastic change of weather. Summer is officially gone and fall is upon us,hence my stolen title from GOT! It’s dark,cold, grey, wet and windy (how lovely) typical English weather and with it comes the train delays, possible motorway and airport shutdowns, depressed people everywhere etc. the list is endless. It’s almost as if we come to a standstill when it’s cold, not sure why considering we have the same seasons every year. It’s nothing surprising, I mean shouldn’t we be prepared? Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get it. Especially if it snows! God forbid! The whole country shuts down. In all fairness I love it when it snows not only because everything looks so pretty but I get to have a duvet day without it being taken off my annual leave!(don’t tell my boss I said that) Anyway the point was not for me to moan about the weather. It was simply to point out that despite the grey and dark feel of this season, I personally love winter. Why you may ask? For one, I can wear oversize stuff all day every day and no one will judge me. Two, I can eat loads because my baggy clothes cover all the sins of my body. Three, everything I tend to watch on TV comes back like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, the endless list of mush TV i.e. reality so I have a great excuse to snuggle up on my sofa with my blanket, a nice cup of tea in one hand and veg out! It’s safe to say I am very antisocial in the winter. Be warned dear friends you may not see me for days being the introvert that I am 🙂 As much as I do enjoy wearing oversize stuff the fashion this season is amazing! I’m usually not bothered with fashion in the winter but this year I will make a conscious effort to try different looks. I got some great buys from Zara this month.(pics of me wearing it soon to follow) Image 1 of DETAILED KNIT TOP from Zara

you can still get this here currently at an affordable price of £19.99. I also managed to get these bad boys, also available here for £19.99 and I can’t wait to rock them 🙂

Image 1 of LACE-UP WEDGE BOOTIES from Zara

As you can see,it’s fair to say I’m slightly addicted to Zara, their stuff is the bomb! I got a few other items but I will share all the other bits with you later. For now have a lovely weeks guys. God bless xx

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